Sunday 22 March 2015

Here comes the sun !

Summers are finally here !
With the heat and humidity at its peak, it could be challenging for some of us to have a wardrobe that's summer friendly.

Here are some very basic yet helpful tips for summer dressing.

a. Choose the right fabric, opt for cottons,linens and light, natural fabrics over synthetic.
Though you might have to go a little out of your way (if you are one of those who prefers low maintenance fabrics) to maintain these with regular ironing/dry cleaning. But cotton and linen are supposed to be super absorbent and definitely the best choice for summers.

Very pretty!  Great for Spring. Madeline Shirt in Natural Undyed Cotton

b. One way of getting more out of your clothes is by using sweat pads. They prevent your clothes from getting sweat patches plus you can skip a wash, wear it one more time. Sweat pads are available online on websites such as Zivame or may be a local hosiery store could fetch you both disposable and the washable ones.


c. Wearing pastels or fresh,lighter colors help as they don't absorb heat, keep us cool and feeling airy. But what's also important is wearing the right inner wear, try and wear skin colored, white or lighter colors when out in the sun.

d. Opt for soft, flowy tops than the ones that cling or with snug fit, let your skin breathe. Same goes for bottom wear, you could give your skinny jeans a ditch, try printed pants, palazzos for a change.With Indian wear you could choose cottons or chikankari kurtas.

e. Accessorize using scarves, be it with your clothing or use it as a headband, pull up your hair.

f. Don't forget your best friends : Sunscreen, Umbrella and sunglasses .

g. Wear airy and comfortable footwear, avoid suede leather as your feet can get sweaty.

A Summer Book Response: Story Pails - Third Grade Thinkers

Wednesday 9 July 2014

How to dress appropriately ?

OMG ! What do I wear tomorrow ?

I am sure you all must have faced this situation where be it an office party, a wedding, brunch with a client, attending a parent teacher meet or for that matter coffee with friends, we spend minutes just glancing at our wardrobe for the appropriate dress.

I am glad if you actually give it a thought to dress as per the occasion. Being appropriately dressed according to the event shows that you respect the occasion and people.

So to make it easy for next time, here's a small checklist to help you decide what to wear !

1. The occasion (of course !) - Could be formal, casual, dressy for the evenings.

2. Personal Style - Don't fall for trends, be comfortable with your self and confident about your likes.

3. Place - very important, keep in mind the climate and the time you would be going. You wouldn't want to wear linen in monsoons in Mumbai or silk in a sultry humid afternoon.

3. Purpose - If you know you are going to have fun, dress accordingly i.e casual,functional clothing or if you mean business with your client, dress formally i.e structured clothing.

4. Who will see you - Meeting your girlfriend's parents, think about what impact your dressing could have on them or attending a networking meet, dress appropriately according to the influence you want to have on people.

5. Message - Everything you wear speaks about you from the fabric, color, pattern/print and shape of your clothing. Its not a good idea to pair your Alexander McQueen skull scarf with your formal white shirt for a client meet.

Pleas don't forget to Smile, a sparkling smile is an important part of your outfit :)

To know more about your personal style, and semiotics in clothes, get in touch with us !

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Do I need Image management ?

"People listen with their eyes, so we need to speak with our appearance"

How true is this, we take so many of our choices and decisions based on what we see, we do that with people as well. Therefore it's very important that we evaluate and control the impact of our appearance on ourselves and others. And this is what is Image Management.

So you may ask, does everyone need it ?
Anyone who needs to boost his/her self confidence and wants to project a authentic, appropriate and attractive yet affordable image needs it,so be it a home maker or a working professional, we all need image management in our personal, social and professional lives.

Lets look at some common needs :

1. Need to feel good about yourself, appear youthful, energetic and active.

2. Need to enhance image as per the changes in roles and goals.

3. Need to re-invent image for a second career.

4. Need to uplift mood and overcome depression.

5. Need to boost self image, confidence and sense of self worth.

6. Need to infuse excitement in existing relationship with spouse and children.

7. Need to be a better role model and influence for good in family.

8. Need to understand how to communicate your values through your appearance.

9. Need to dress slim and get clothes that look great on you even if weight fluctuates.

10. Need to improve shopping skills, saving frustration, time and money.

11. Need to avoid fashion mistakes and buying clothes that don't work.

12. Need fast and easy make up routine to save time.

13. Need help selecting and coordinating accessories to work with your clothes.

14. Need to appear knowledgeable to qualify for the internship.

15. Need to look efficient and orderly to get the dream job.

16. Need visible edge in business and social occasions.

17. Need to get that job advancement or promotion.

18. Need to improve etiquette skills and improve body language for better communication and interactions.

19. Need to improve listening skills and refine your speaking skills.

20. Need to feel at ease and comfortable while dining out.

If your need falls in the above list, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

We will help you be the best version of yourself ! :)

Friday 27 June 2014

Image Management ~ Whats that ?

When I first enrolled for the business program in Image Management, people often said, 'Oh yes graphics & computer related right ?

I would say, 'No.. it's not that, its about managing your impression on others, your personal appearance.. and just when they heard the word personal and appearance, it would be immediately related to make up and personality development.

But trust me, its way much more than all that...
Image, is what people perceive about us with what meets their eye. So clearly its your clothes, grooming, etiquette and body language.

Image is your packaging just as it is for a commodity, or the cover of a book, it's not that we should judge people by their dressing or manners, but it sure has an impact on us.

That's First impression, though it isn't the last, we do create lasting impressions on people.

Unbelievable but true, is the fact that it takes as less as 3 seconds for us to form an impression. Reason being we have a photographic memory. You may forget the name of the person whom you met last night at the wedding, but Im sure your mind registered the finer details like what clothes they wore, their glasses, smile and the impression they as a whole created.

So when you bridge the gap between people's perception and what you actually are, THAT is called "managing your Image".

Questions ? comments, feel free to ask, it's what I could least help you with :)

Be you, Be younique !

~ When people are free to be themselves, they choose to imitate others  ~

Ever wondered why ?
Perhaps it feels safe to fit in, most people feel good when they think like others, wear clothes like others. In the world of comparison and conformity, most of us tend to take decisions based on others liking and expectations.

But is that all which matters, what about you as a person, your likes, preferences, interests ? You don't have to live life as per others guidelines or validations. There's so much outside your comfort zone, get creative and experience the power of you.

To be yourself is to be your natural self, think like you would do and not because thinking like someone will get yourself into their good books. Also we should respect individuality, all of us have that special something in us which makes us different from others. Comparison truly is the thief of joy.

Therefore, I urge you all not to conform but to believe in your creative self because being like everybody is like being nobody.

Be you, Be younique !