Sunday, 22 March 2015

Here comes the sun !

Summers are finally here !
With the heat and humidity at its peak, it could be challenging for some of us to have a wardrobe that's summer friendly.

Here are some very basic yet helpful tips for summer dressing.

a. Choose the right fabric, opt for cottons,linens and light, natural fabrics over synthetic.
Though you might have to go a little out of your way (if you are one of those who prefers low maintenance fabrics) to maintain these with regular ironing/dry cleaning. But cotton and linen are supposed to be super absorbent and definitely the best choice for summers.

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b. One way of getting more out of your clothes is by using sweat pads. They prevent your clothes from getting sweat patches plus you can skip a wash, wear it one more time. Sweat pads are available online on websites such as Zivame or may be a local hosiery store could fetch you both disposable and the washable ones.


c. Wearing pastels or fresh,lighter colors help as they don't absorb heat, keep us cool and feeling airy. But what's also important is wearing the right inner wear, try and wear skin colored, white or lighter colors when out in the sun.

d. Opt for soft, flowy tops than the ones that cling or with snug fit, let your skin breathe. Same goes for bottom wear, you could give your skinny jeans a ditch, try printed pants, palazzos for a change.With Indian wear you could choose cottons or chikankari kurtas.

e. Accessorize using scarves, be it with your clothing or use it as a headband, pull up your hair.

f. Don't forget your best friends : Sunscreen, Umbrella and sunglasses .

g. Wear airy and comfortable footwear, avoid suede leather as your feet can get sweaty.

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