Friday, 27 June 2014

Image Management ~ Whats that ?

When I first enrolled for the business program in Image Management, people often said, 'Oh yes graphics & computer related right ?

I would say, 'No.. it's not that, its about managing your impression on others, your personal appearance.. and just when they heard the word personal and appearance, it would be immediately related to make up and personality development.

But trust me, its way much more than all that...
Image, is what people perceive about us with what meets their eye. So clearly its your clothes, grooming, etiquette and body language.

Image is your packaging just as it is for a commodity, or the cover of a book, it's not that we should judge people by their dressing or manners, but it sure has an impact on us.

That's First impression, though it isn't the last, we do create lasting impressions on people.

Unbelievable but true, is the fact that it takes as less as 3 seconds for us to form an impression. Reason being we have a photographic memory. You may forget the name of the person whom you met last night at the wedding, but Im sure your mind registered the finer details like what clothes they wore, their glasses, smile and the impression they as a whole created.

So when you bridge the gap between people's perception and what you actually are, THAT is called "managing your Image".

Questions ? comments, feel free to ask, it's what I could least help you with :)

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