Wednesday, 9 July 2014

How to dress appropriately ?

OMG ! What do I wear tomorrow ?

I am sure you all must have faced this situation where be it an office party, a wedding, brunch with a client, attending a parent teacher meet or for that matter coffee with friends, we spend minutes just glancing at our wardrobe for the appropriate dress.

I am glad if you actually give it a thought to dress as per the occasion. Being appropriately dressed according to the event shows that you respect the occasion and people.

So to make it easy for next time, here's a small checklist to help you decide what to wear !

1. The occasion (of course !) - Could be formal, casual, dressy for the evenings.

2. Personal Style - Don't fall for trends, be comfortable with your self and confident about your likes.

3. Place - very important, keep in mind the climate and the time you would be going. You wouldn't want to wear linen in monsoons in Mumbai or silk in a sultry humid afternoon.

3. Purpose - If you know you are going to have fun, dress accordingly i.e casual,functional clothing or if you mean business with your client, dress formally i.e structured clothing.

4. Who will see you - Meeting your girlfriend's parents, think about what impact your dressing could have on them or attending a networking meet, dress appropriately according to the influence you want to have on people.

5. Message - Everything you wear speaks about you from the fabric, color, pattern/print and shape of your clothing. Its not a good idea to pair your Alexander McQueen skull scarf with your formal white shirt for a client meet.

Pleas don't forget to Smile, a sparkling smile is an important part of your outfit :)

To know more about your personal style, and semiotics in clothes, get in touch with us !

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