Friday, 27 June 2014

Be you, Be younique !

~ When people are free to be themselves, they choose to imitate others  ~

Ever wondered why ?
Perhaps it feels safe to fit in, most people feel good when they think like others, wear clothes like others. In the world of comparison and conformity, most of us tend to take decisions based on others liking and expectations.

But is that all which matters, what about you as a person, your likes, preferences, interests ? You don't have to live life as per others guidelines or validations. There's so much outside your comfort zone, get creative and experience the power of you.

To be yourself is to be your natural self, think like you would do and not because thinking like someone will get yourself into their good books. Also we should respect individuality, all of us have that special something in us which makes us different from others. Comparison truly is the thief of joy.

Therefore, I urge you all not to conform but to believe in your creative self because being like everybody is like being nobody.

Be you, Be younique !

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